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Mammoth P, Growcentia’s flagship cannabis growth product has a loyal cult following. But the rest of their Cannabis portfolio has developed quickly.  While (in many cases) the formulations are unique and the efficacy is superior to the other  grow products out there, the packaging is all over the place. My task was to help them create a beautiful identity to clarify their offerings and take advantage of the Mammoth brand's full potential.


Develop a new and intelligent identity system for the 5 core Mammoth product categories that (1) feels modern and cohesive, and (2) can be executed now and into the future as the brand expands. 

Previous System

Competitive Landscape

Rationale + Structure

Branding + Outcomes

I created an identity system that both stays true their identity, utilizing aspects of the brand’s mark that are recognized signatures of the brand, while changing elements to make it modern, attractive, and able to live in an expanding system of products. The identity system is clean and contemporary, without being clinical or devoid of soul. Furthermore, there is a system in place that binds the products. Through a consistent naming convention and high-level hierarchy, the product name can be clearly seen.
The fact that some of the products have trademarked names and some are just category items within the market, doesn’t matter anymore because it's crystal clear what the product is. In the bottom left, the type of product is listed with simple and accessible 1-2 word text treamtments. Color coding and a brief description of the product establish this system with incredible clarity. In a premium market, this identity system stands out on the shelf because of the unique design solutions.


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