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Good Neighbor



Good Neighbor Brewing is a straightforward brewery for the people; beer for the block. 

This brand represents the laid-back nature of the people who drink it, no matter where their block might be. That sentiment is reinforced through the playful color palette, the cheeky hand gestures, and the minimalistic, lively vibe of the packaging. The beer names follow a distinct neighborhood vernacular. The hand gestures establish the packaging system and reflect some of our best (and worst) daily sentiments. The ad campaign could not be more casual. We all just want to crack one open on the porch sometimes and not worry about a thing… This is beer for the people—all the people.
I designed a brand identity system, packaging, and ad campaign. Good Neighbor Beer evokes memories of the blocks we grew up in—all the good, bad, and crazy that comes with having neighbors. Whether that’s the noisy neighbor upstairs, or the lady across the street who never picks up her dog’s shit on the sidewalk. Project components include logo and branding, a packaging system, illustration, advertising campaign and copywriting, and brand guidelines.

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