Sous Chef


User Interface, Branding, Identity System


Sous Chef




Sous Chef was born out of frustration. There’s no functioning mobile space to keep all your favorite recipes, family recipes and recipe resources. It just doesn’t exist. They exist separately. But even at that, recipe cataloguing apps are notoriously atrocious and not the kind of place you’d trust keeping information for the long term. 


Sous Chef solves all of those problems. It curates resources for you, while also functioning as a home for all of your favorite family and personal recipes. 

User Persona

I created a persona to represent the target user and their needs.

Site Map

Through personal discovery and research, I gathered and organized app content. I wanted to keep it easy and streamlined. If users were going to be keeping lots of recipe information in the app and gathering new inspiration, it needed to be clean and straightforward.

UI Kit and Branding

I started with branding, creating a logomark,  and developing a visual identity for the brand. The colors are fun, lighthearted, and are a natural compliment to all things food. The logomark is equally playful and can exist as a simple icon, or as a full wordmark. The UI Kit is clean, clear, and lighthearted.

High-Fidelity Prototype

I created high fidelity wireframes based on the UI Kit  and grounded in the branding.—always keeping ease of use and simplicity at the core of the design.


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