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Spirit Hound



Spirit Hound is a premium distillery in Lyons, Colorado. They needed a full identity redesign. From  logo to packaging, this company wanted to better reflect the high-level spirits they produce.


Spirit Hound is a premium brand who continue to win awards globally for their quality product. However, their brand and packaging didn’t reflect that. They looked cheap, busy, and (the bad kind of) local. 


The challenge was to revitalize their brand and establish Spirit Hound in a market that is already fairly saturated. They want to be the Colorado Spirits brand and they want to visually standout as such. We didn't need to create another Tincup or Stranahans, we needed to create something that would set itself apart from that, while still being Colorado. Beyond the branding and packaging, Spirit Hound wanted to expand their footprint—running a local and national campaign to show off their new brand. 


I designed classic, timeless packaging,  with a modern logo treatment, that asserts itself visually on the shelf. It gives a healthy nod to Colorado while also appealing to anyone who loves the outdoors or dogs. The end result accomplished Spirit Hound’s desire to stand out as a sophisticated distillery, while being unique enough to overcome the market saturation (both in the world of whiskey and the outdoors industry). The Craft campaign and Home campaign, give a nod to the dedication of the company's craft, the place it's made, and the heart of the brand in general. It's a romantic take, without being over the top or too serious. *The campaign work shows different label iterations, as the client later made some changes in their packaging direction.


Brand Style

Craft Campaign

Home Campaign


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